Erciyes, with an elevation of 3916 meters, is a volcanic mountain whose summit is always covered with snow and fog in winter, and has become synonymous with the city of Kayseri. This lava-spewing mountain, responsible for the ‘fairy-chimney’ rock formations in nearby Cappadocia, impressed the Meek people living at its base so much that their coins bear an impression of the mountain with lava boiling out of the top. The first person to successfully make the summit was W. J. Hamilton in 1837, and the first Turk was Mr. Miralay Cemil Cahit in 1924.

Besides being a popular spot for mountain climbers, it is also one of Turkey’s best winter-sport resorts. From the top of the mountain, if the weather is clear, there is a stunning view of an area stretching from Cappadocia to the Taurus Mountains.

Location is In South of the Central Anatolian city of Kayseri.

For Cycling ; High quality asphalt tracks on very different slopes and lanes are waiting you for  the training.

Erciyes is snowly and some cold between December and March. This mountain has very nice weather in April, May and September, October for training camps. There is difference 8 – 9 degrees between Erciyes Mountain ( 2.200 mt ) to Kayseri City ( 1.050 mt ). We are claimed Mount Erciyes has the best climate  for altitude cycling training camp destination in the World. High Altitude Training awaits you on a magnificent road of 13 kms, ranging in height between 2,000 meters and 2,200 meters in Tekir Plateau  where Mirada del Lago Hotel is located and you will make your accommodation. Your hotel  is 28 km from Kayseri Erkilet Airport ( ASR ) and 20 km from city centre. 


Mountain bicycles that are designed with shock absorbing qualities and better brake systems are bicycles designed suitably for land conditions such as soil roads, muds and stones. These bicycles that are mostly used in mountains, hills, soil roads and specially constructed mtb parkours are also preferred by people for urban transportation. These bicycles which are highly sought after by adventure lovers make up a type that has the potential to make its users experience moments full of adventure and adrenaline. Mountain bicycles have a quality that enables them to be resistant to land conditions and potholes. The mountain bicycles are used differently at different parkours such as Cross Country, All mountain, Freeride and Downhill. With the special bicycle parkours set up in Erciyes, areas have been made up for professional bicycle sporters and all sorts of opportunities are being provided.


It is a bicycle sport during which the bicycle is driven downhill in Erciyes where the first and only downhill landing parkour of Turkey is located. These bicycles which are specially designed and equipped with highly developed technology are designed suitably for roads that are uneven and have obstacles. This sport is a discipline that comes out with the merger of technical and acrobatic movements when going downhill from a hill. Being a part of this discipline is not only as easy as it is thought to be, but also necessitates extreme attention, power and technique at a maximum level. With the Downhill parkour set up in Mt. Erciyes, the first and only races are being organized in Turkey.

Through enjoying the cool and unique nature by escaping the sweltering weather of the summer in the area which is set up by Kayseri Erciyes Inc., the guests can stay at their own caravan or in their tents. Tent camping area offers all sorts of opportunities, you can let off steam as much as you want by benefiting from the opportunities in Erciyes such as riding bicycle and trekking through escaping from the noise of the city with your family and friends.

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