Kayseri which is one of the oldest cities of Anatolia with its 6.000 years of civilization history is a city which was established at the foothills of Mt.Erciyes within the borders of Kanis Karum which is one of the oldest settlements of Anatolia, protecting its vitality for four seasons due to its both cultural and geographical features. Cultural diversity was created in the city which is located at the junction of the Silk Road with a population of 1.300.000 people and coexistence of different nations each period.

Kayseri is one of the most important carpet and kilim production centers in Anatolia . Bünyan is the most famous carpet production center and Yahyali is the most famous kilim production center.   

South of Kayseri, in Develi, stand three more important Seljuk buildings: the Ulu Mosque, the Seyid-i Serif Tomb and the Develi Tomb.

Hunat Hatun Mosque is the most famous mosque in the city that dates back to Seljuks. Seljuks have also left a number of schools (medrese), tombs (kumbet), and hospitals in the city.

Kapuzbasi Waterfall is a natural area under protection where seven of falls are formed near Kapuzbasi Village, 76 km from Yahyali town of Kayseri province in Turkey.

Lake Palas Tuzla is a saline lake in Kayseri Province, It is fed by five creeks.The lake is the site of a salt Works.


There are the best hospitals in Kayseri such as Memorial Kayseri Hospital, Kızılay Hospital, Erciyes Hospital, Acıbadem Hospital, Erciyes University Medical Faculty Hospital


Kayseri Mantısı is the most famous dish Kayseri is known for. It’s made from minced meat, wrapped in tiny bits of dough and boiled. It’s served with a special sauce and yogurt.

Pastırma is Kayseri’s another well-known product. It’s dried, salted beef covered with çemen, prepared by a special process. Pastırma is served both as a spicy starter or used in dishes or böreks. Kayseri is the major source of production in Turkey.

İskender is a kebap variant, named after its inventor (Turkish variant of “Alexander”). Its meat is prepared similar to that of döner, but is served in dish, and with a butter sauce on the top.





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